Breaking the Writer’s Block


Well, it’s been a while since I worked on the second book. I am still struggling with a title. The working title is “The Cultured Pearl”. My plan was to continue Pearl’s story at the age of 12. A lot has happened to switch my original plan. I have been getting feedback from readers how “Pearl’s” life mirrored their own in many respects. These readers were also born and raised in the 50s, and some in the 40s. They could  identify with Pearl’s life.

With the cultural changes or unmasking of existing social mores, my creative mind has been expanded beyond just Pearl’s own world, the world of the adults in both 20th-century, as well as, the 21st-century challenges.

Stay tuned. The story is beginning to unfold.


Pearl The Little Light That Shines (2014) from Gladstone Publishing Services

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Saturday Morning: Visions of Love


As I worked in the kitchen this morning preparing breakfast, I played Tibetan meditation track on You Tube. I like the sounds of running water and the solemn sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls. As I work with my hands, my concentration is on the sharp knife as I cut thimagese potatoes. I first cut them in half then in quarters, and then dice them and place them in the bowl. I have a sense of peace as I repeat this process. Half way through, my mind began to replay an image of Grandma and Aunt Clara working in the kitchen. They both rose really early. I was always
asleep and never heard Grandma get out of her bed, go to the bathroom and dress. I was always awaken by the smells from the kitchen.

By the time I washed, dressed and came down to the kitchen, most of breakfast was already prepared and the table set waiting for everyone. Aunt Clara would leave the kitchen and go to attend to Uncle Josh. She made sure he had his basin of water to wash. He dressed himself and came down the stairs to his waiting wheel chair.

Those visions brought a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart.

A Backstory Memory: “Pearl the Little Light that Shines”  from Gladstone Publishing Services