Prep Session – Tip 1


Monday, November 18, 2013

We met with Jon and Steve for our prep session.  We identified the important components that will bring together our marketing plan.  The book is not done, yet the marketing has begun.  We are instructed to put a marketing plan together as we write. We have to know our audience. We should not try to write for everyone.  Right now our focus is middle grade to young adult.  We also discussed the possibility of reaching relatives and baby boomers who will read the books to the young family members. This is our challenge and goal.

P. J. (Pearl)


Pitch Week Two – Rochester, VT


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pearline Jennifer Richardson

Deborah Wilson Smart, Author

We are here at the When Words Count Retreat to prepare for Pitch Week in April.  Jon and Steve our publishing consultants are working with each of us individually and in group sessions.  Last night we had our group prep session where we read our elevator pitch and short excerpts from our manuscript.

Deborah did well.  I am excited that she has captured my story and given me a voice.