Peek Into “Pearl’s World”


It is said that if the first chapter is written well, the reader will want to continue reading the book. Well, I am going to see if this is true.

I am adding the first chapter of “Pearl, The Little Light that Shines” to this post. If you like it, please send a comment and let me know what you think. If you would be interested in ordering the book also let me know and I will send you a link to order it directly from me.

Books are written to be read and shared. I pray you will want to read Pearl’s story.Pearl-Front-Cover

Download Chapter One- The Author Emerges.


Pearl “The Little Light that Shines”- 2nd Edition


Dear Reader,

When we first began writing “Pearl, The Little Light that Shines” Deborah was participating in a publishing contest at a Writer’s Retreat in Vermont.  We had always intended the book to be for middle-grade and adolescent girls. As we continued writing the book, it took on a more mature voice, yet we were already committed to the book cover. The book cover was drawn by illustrator and artist, Sean Tate. Deborah did not want to disappoint Sean, and we really loved the cover, so the cover was used.

Later, using her Publishing Editor’s eyes, Deborah examined the book and recognized the cover looked more like a children’s book, so the book was not widely marketed. Over the past two years, the book sat waiting to be reborn. We carefully edited and rewrote some sections, and added a new section and new chapters.  I am proud to say, the 2nd Edition of “Pearl” arrived Monday, April 11th.


I am so pleased and encouraged by the response that I am receiving from people who have read the book and looking forward to the next installment.


Purchase the book from Gladstone Publishing Services today for $15.00 plus shipping.

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Breaking the Writer’s Block


Well, it’s been a while since I worked on the second book. I am still struggling with a title. The working title is “The Cultured Pearl”. My plan was to continue Pearl’s story at the age of 12. A lot has happened to switch my original plan. I have been getting feedback from readers how “Pearl’s” life mirrored their own in many respects. These readers were also born and raised in the 50s, and some in the 40s. They could  identify with Pearl’s life.

With the cultural changes or unmasking of existing social mores, my creative mind has been expanded beyond just Pearl’s own world, the world of the adults in both 20th-century, as well as, the 21st-century challenges.

Stay tuned. The story is beginning to unfold.


Pearl The Little Light That Shines (2014) from Gladstone Publishing Services

In association with One Smart Lady Productions

Saturday Morning: Visions of Love


As I worked in the kitchen this morning preparing breakfast, I played Tibetan meditation track on You Tube. I like the sounds of running water and the solemn sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls. As I work with my hands, my concentration is on the sharp knife as I cut thimagese potatoes. I first cut them in half then in quarters, and then dice them and place them in the bowl. I have a sense of peace as I repeat this process. Half way through, my mind began to replay an image of Grandma and Aunt Clara working in the kitchen. They both rose really early. I was always
asleep and never heard Grandma get out of her bed, go to the bathroom and dress. I was always awaken by the smells from the kitchen.

By the time I washed, dressed and came down to the kitchen, most of breakfast was already prepared and the table set waiting for everyone. Aunt Clara would leave the kitchen and go to attend to Uncle Josh. She made sure he had his basin of water to wash. He dressed himself and came down the stairs to his waiting wheel chair.

Those visions brought a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart.

A Backstory Memory: “Pearl the Little Light that Shines”  from Gladstone Publishing Services

Saturday Shopping


Spent a few hours today browsing, and found two
Haeger vases. This experience today reminds
me when I bought my purple jeep I named it “The Grape”.
I thought it was such an unusual color for a car. But, once
I hit the road;   I kept seeing purple cars. Well now, I can
spot a Haeger vase halfway down the aisle.

I made a rookie purchase with the blue vase. It has two
chips I did not see before buying. I will be more mindful
next time, and not let the name sway me.


Collectibles or Junk?


My associate, Deborah Smart and I took up residence last month in The Village of Wilsondale just over the bridge in New Castle County, Delaware. While packing up our stuff, we decided to sell some of the items which were definitely collectible or antique. We found a wonderful location in Sicklerville called Carnival of Collectables and Antiques. Before you try to point out I misspelled Collectables, I did not. That is how they spelled it.

One of our prized possessions is a Bob Macke designed African Goddess Barbie doll (Watch him talk about it on You-Tube). We have wonderful pottery from McCoyand Haegar. We are still loading up our brass collection which includes bells, horse ornaments, lamps and a candle holder. We have a set of 4 vintage brass goblets; a complete Bewitch board game, and we are setting up more each week.

Working with collectibles fits in with our writing The String of Pearl series. Carnival has rows and rows of vendors who are selling memorabilia items from the past. It’s a wonderland of memories. I will be in and out of the store, so I hope to meet you. You will probably run into Deborah because she is also holding a Boomer’s Writer’s Group there every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

The world of collectibles is a new venture in stimulating writing down memories. If you are thinking about writing a memoir, biography or fictional stories from the past, I hope you come out and explore Carnival of Collectables and Antiques. To answer the question; Collectible or Junk…we are definitely selling Collectibles.

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I Love Animals…


It has been a busy two months. The book is finally finished and on sale. I am now beginning to write about other memories that are coming back to me. I couldn’t put them all in the book, and I wanted to use this blog to fill in the missing blanks so to speak. One of my fondest memories of Grandmom was how proud I was to be a part of her makeshift family. As I wrote in the book, I didn’t know that Uncle Josh, Aunt Clara, Aunt Marguerite and Uncle Charles were not my real uncles and aunts until I was eight or nine years old. I knew the boys were all foster children Grandmom took in out of the goodness of her heart. She always talked about how Jesus said, to take care of the least of his…which were children.

But as I grew older, I also started believing he also meant the animals he created. The bible says that he gave Adam dominion over the animals. So I have always had a heart for cats and dogs. I have had cats all of my adult life and for the past 5 years have fallen madly in love with my daughter’s pitbull Tank who has learned alot of his 45269_507624735982413_201650982_nlife lessons from our ten year old cats Bridgette and Bubba.

For the past month I have been volunteering at the Camden County Animal Shelter’s Cat Adoption Center inside 308374_2063530637443_1762970143_nthe Lawnside PetSmart. It has been very rewarding, but also sad to have to go home and leave them there in cages.

The weekend of October 12, CCAS held its first annual Pledge A Paw Festival. It was a beautiful day sandwiched between a rainy, cold and dreary Saturday and dreary Monday.  I wanted to express a special thank you to the following vendors and associations who came out to support us. I stopped by, spoke to each group, and got familiar with their organization. When organizations and businesses support events, it makes the job of the volunteers so much more enjoyable. (See Upcoming Events at the bottom of this list.)

Services for Dogs and Cats

PitBull Connections – Christina Gibson – Foster based Network  –

K-9 Associations represented by: Officer James Kaelin and Officer Christopher Gerace with Arrow
K-9 Training- Positive Response K-9 Training, LLC

Zen Natural Dog Training – Steven Spence – “We Can Train Any Dog!!” (856)366-6277

FURever As Friends – John Bednar– Pet-Assisted Therapy – – (856)975-6710

4 PAWS Dog Rescue – Christina Micarelli – Dog Rescue– (856)359-4729

Princess Buttercup Foundation – Primarily Pit Bull Rescue and prepare them for adoption –

Portraits by Katherine Sandecki  – Selfies for your Pet. –

Lakeland Feral Cats Rescue Project –Helping abandoned cats that are homeless, abandoned  or abused. (856)232-0671 or  (609)-502-4485

Riley’s Rescue – Provide temporary housing & placement

SOS Beagle Rescue (Atco, NJ) – Provides homes for abandoned or homeless beagles –(856)336-2520

Furever Free, Inc. – “Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for one animal.” – (856)261-1-6988

NJ Aid for Animals – Kathy McGuire, President & Founder – (856)728-0911 –

I And Love And You Pet – Total Pet Care “Fur Real” 100% Grain Free – 855.ILY.LOVE

Don’t Bully Us – Pit Bull Rescue – Hug-A-Bull Kiss-a-Bull –infor@don’ – (856)371-2780

Monmouth County SPCA – –
(732)542-0040 –

Justice Rescue – “Simply stated, we rescue abused animals directly from the hands of the abusers.” –

GCC Healthy Paws 
Healthy Dog Treats – Search on Facebbook GCC Healthy Paws LLC

Animal Adoption Center – Lindenwold, www.facebook/com/animaladoptioncenter – (856)435-9116

Wonderdogs – West Berlin, NJ – Dog Training – – (856)767-6464

Services for Humans

NJ Department of Children and Family – Open your heart and your Home 1-800-99Adopt

Usborne Books and More – Brandy Meyers – Independent Educational Consultant – “Open the World of Possibilities”

Origami Owl – Rachel Kofoet – Independent  Designer
ID#12888176 – Custom Jewelry – –(856)952-5470

United Remodeling LLC – Michael Perkins – (856)357-5542 Call for Emergency Service service –
On facebook: United Remodeling LLC

Bellum Strength &
(609)992-6854 – https//

Initials, Inc. – Tracy Sharp – –

Scentsy – Danielle Hoban –
Fayette Hopkins –
“Scented candles and more…”

Garden State Council of Boy Scouts of America
Jay Daniel – CubMaster – (856)693-4633 –

Upcoming Events

Singles Mingle – Ruff House – 23 W. Main Street – Marlton, NJ (856)334-8427 Friday, Oct 31st –BYODog $20.00 Donation BYOBeverage

NJAFA – National Pit Bull Awareness Day – Manny’s Last Chance Saloon – 221 White Horse Pike, Chesilhurst, NJ
Featuring: Pittie Halloween Costume Contest – Well mannered Pits Welcome – No Retractable Leashes no acceptions

MCSPCA – National Pit Bull Awareness Month
Monmouth County SPCA – 260 Wall Road, Eatontown, NJ
Bring your Pittie – The Pittie Project Celebration
Sunday, October 26, 2014 Free Admission